early thoughts on trump

People keep asking “Is this America?” in response to Trump. Yes, yes this is America. This is a country founded on the genocide of indigenous people, enslavement of black people, and labor exploitation of poor people.Trump is not an isolated phenomenon- he is the continuation of centuries of racist American policies which have, most recently under the guises of “war on drugs” and "war on terror”, repackaged modern slavery of black and brown people through mass incarceration, legalized state-sanctioned terrorism and executions of black and brown communities, killed and displaced millions of Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, and subjected thousands of American Muslims to over a decade of surveillance, FBI interrogations, false arrests, police raids, profiling and harassment. Black churches have burned for centuries, Mosques are burning today, Japanese were rounded up yesterday. Vietnam, Iraq, Indonesia, Angola, Venezuela, Nagasaki, the history is endless, all of which occurred under both Democrat and Republican parties. We need to stop asking “Is this America?” and start asking “What are we gonna do about it and WHEN?” Trump is no surprise, he is the Amerikkkan nightmare embodied in one racist, high on power, corporate $$ toupée'd son of a bitch. As soon as we stop being surprised, we stop being reactionary. The inequalities produced by capitalism / white imperialism and its concentration of production are exponentially increasing. Fascist and right wing groups are rising in Europe and we are facing the impending ecological destruction of the only planet which sustains us with life. We are up against a system far more multi-faceted and sinister than individual bad cops or candidates -- we are gonna have to get organized and rise up in a mass movement to uproot and dismantle the very foundation of the white supremacist, capitalist, hetero-patriarchy. The people are gonna have to get organized by the millions, and we are gonna have to start now. We are gonna have to build our own decentralized, democratic infrastructures. We are gonna have to know our history and stop letting the two party capitalist system and NGO's co-opt our radical grassroots social movements. We are gonna have to demand and take back power. We are gonna have to unite in international proletarian struggle with all oppressed and exploited people. But first of all, we gotta stop being goddamn surprised.

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