1850 slave patrol vs 2015 law enforcement

Amerikkkan policing was designed to be a violent, racist, oppressive institution since its inception. It has NEVER served any other purpose. The police are trained and funded to brutalize and kill Black, Brown, Indigenous people...supported by the entire racist state from prosecutors, judges, courts all the way up to the highest levels of gov't. That was how this settler colony was founded and how it has been expanded/maintained. The state will never hold itself accountable. I'm exhausted seeing liberals claiming outrage whenever there's a viral video of Black death but never see you actually organizing or in the streets mobilizing for Black life. If you're really as outraged as your words imply then ACT on it, and not just when it's on the front page but day in and day out when the work is slow difficult traumatizing and there's no media coverage -- that's when we need bodies on the line. We need action not vapid, self-gratifying commentary by liberals consuming grief for facebook "likes" and a badge of being woke. We don't need any more think pieces or articles to grasp the reality of what we are facing -- we need a mass militant integrated mobilization towards revolution. The white supremacist, capitalist, hetero-cis-patriarchy needs to be dismantled, and we are running out of time. The stakes are the survival of civilization.

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