why i'm not "voting"

the spectacle of election is just here to drown out the fact that there's never been democracy in a settler colonial empire and never will be. the liberal facebook fingers shaming those of us who refuse to validate or participate in the oppressor's circus -- to be clear *no* your vote for hillary does not stop fascism. trump is a noisy symptom of a much larger, collapsing global capitalist system that the clintons of the world are deeply vested in maintaining. if a rigged electoral process were enough to stop fascism it would not be called fascism.....fascism does not listen or reason or get voted away, it must be forced out. lets stop the political gaslighting and instead join folks on the ground in the grassroots movements, in the streets, in organizing community-based resources, community-based power, in building a revolutionary and militant resistance separate from the state & 2 party capitalist system. we need to stop peddling the dangerous lie that this settler colonial empire is somehow about individual character traits. we know it's not. *ahem obama.* it's built on the repressive apparatuses of the US state, including the police, judicial system, prison system, and major political parties. so if you're really about ending white nationalism, fascism, and intersectional imperialism, then join us in tearing amerikkka's racist capitalist roots up outta this stolen, blood-soaked land. abolition, abolition, abolition.

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