I.C.E. & Slave Patrols

ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) and police are both descendants of slave patrols -- functioning as the violent enforcement arm of amerikkka's settler colonial, white supremacist, capitalist, imperialist, patriarchal power structure.

on left: ICE violently separating parents from children, who are then arrested/locked inside privatized immigrant detention centers - the fastest growing segment of US mass incarceration / prison-indu$trial complex - until they are then forcibly deported from stolen Indigenous land by this illegitimate settler colonial govt.

on right: heather andrea williams speaking about the separation of parents from children as being central to the slave trade - african slaves held the legal status of chattel: "moveable, alienable property" - this was the original capital that built amerikkka. this is the foundation of today's global capitalist system wrecking havoc on the world's people and planet. this is the violent law and order that slave patrols/police/ICE protect and serve.

these are not isolated deportations, this is not just trump; this is the amerikkkan empire and its amerikkkan values functioning at peak efficiency. obama deported 2M+ people and laid the path for trump. amerikkka's legal & economic framework is built on the most barbaric legacy of genocide, slavery, white supremacy, patriarchy, stolen land and forcibly displaced peoples.

this is why we fight for the full and immediate #abolition of the repressive apparatuses of the US state: the police, the judicial system, the prisons, the major political parties. history has shown repeatedly that this system is working exactly as *designed* and thus cannot be reformed, only prolonged... and we don't have the time. #nojusticeonstolenland

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