erasure of womxn

#unpopularopinion i am so tired of cishet men. point blank. all of it. tired of hearing your opinions, reading your articles, tired of you masquerading as governments, as resistance, tired of your rape culture, tired of your half-ass too-late attempts at accountability, tired of the erasure of our labor, the appropriation of our work, the disposability of our bodies. the silencing of trans/gnc/womxn of color across this entire damn world is DEAFENING.

all i want to hear are the trans/gnc/womxn of color who have been deliberately silenced. for millennia. those of us who have been forced to swallow our tongues and bury our words every single day for thousands of years. i'm here listening for these silences. letting them soak up all the space. it's clear the white supremacist patriarchy will be the end of civilization if we don't put yall on mute, and i'm starting as of yesterday.


the erasure of womxn of color is so real, so pervasive, so embedded across society -- that when you call it out, the common reply is “i don’t even know what you are referring to.” to pose the question of the silenced womxn is to threaten the entire structure that has subjugated us for millennia. the condition of the womxn is necessarily the question at the heart of humanity itself.

patriarchy & colonialism is predicated on the disappearance of native womxn *after the violation of bodies, spirit, dignity, agency. from africa to asia to latin america to south america to right here in these lands. indigenous scholar J D. Forbes explains the connection by asserting that colonial forces found it easy to shift "from the raping of a woman, to the raping of a country to the raping of the world.”

so what kind of "liberation" work is it when womxn are repeatedly erased and exploited by male comrades, ones you "trust" and struggle alongside?

the violence patriarchy has brought to this world is unspeakable. literally, unspeakable. and if you dare to break the silence, they will tell you it’s a distraction, erase you, silence you, vilify you, call you crazy -- or they might outright destroy you. that is the lived history of womxn in this world. so i’m gonna keep speaking, keep forcing my existence -- in my gender-nonconformity, in my words, in my defiance. i know i am my ancestors' wildest dreams, breaking a lineage of concubine wives with mutilated, bound feet.

i hear the silence, the fury, of womxn across the continents, denied the humanity to exist in our wholeness -- in our bodies, our stories, our colors, our varieties, our fluidities, our resilience, our dignity -- and still we continue existing, unapologetically, anyways.

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