sunday thoughts

free flow of thoughts. i'm so tired of liberals saying wait, wait till an election, till the democratic party finds a democracy that never existed, to not be so mad, to keep appealing to the morality of the state, that gov't is gradual, change is slow. trump's busy asf first 2 weeks just flaunted that lie in our face and we still won't call it for what it is. that child starving, stomach chewing itself can't wait. that person tortured in a maximum security, total sensory deprivation cage can't wait. that trans teen feeling the only way free is suicide can't wait. that black or brown person about to be killed or framed by racist police can't wait. that womxn being raped then still gotta survive everyday patriarchy can't wait. that family still without clean water as their child gets sicker can't wait. that family being evicted with nowhere to go can't wait. that family being deported to a country ravaged by US wars can't wait. that family in the path of a US missile can't wait. we've been waiting as people went to college and studied the problems and wrote articles and published books and had global conferences and UN resolutions and we're still waiting. we've waited so long the planet is dying the water being poisoned for profit the animals going extinct. that's why so many people myself not excluded use blunts or bottles or pills or pop culture or memes or god or whatever it is that brings immediate relief because the environment we're in will eat us alive otherwise, and we know this. and no it doesn't get better with time we just get used to it, or we step on others to get out of it. we find ways to cope and to numb and we start becoming loyal to the emptiness in place of the thoughts we bury down to help ourselves get through each day with a margin of sanity intact as we keep waiting, waiting, for somebody to help that we know isn't coming, an empire to save us that we know is killing us. what exactly are we waiting for? trump is not a bad president, he is a good president, he is doing exactly what the role of amerikkka's president is to do - protect the interests of the elite (white) ruling class at the expense of the world's poor (dark) people's continued suffering and exploitation. we have to stop waiting, stop tinkering with empire, stop waiting for amerikkka's conscience to be held accountable. it is a suicide mission. we have to start tearing out the toxic roots to plant the new, radically re-imagining public power and direct democracy -- organizing popular committees, political education, antifa to physically stop nazis, community defense against police/ICE raids/resistance on the front steps of jails and prisons, self-sustaining agriculture grown as liberated/autonomous zones are formed, and connected, liberating this Native land from centuries of settler colonialism, liberating inner cities from police occupation, liberating borders from nationalism, liberating the resistance from cooptation by NGO's, building decentralized tech infrastructure so a post like this is not dependent on facebook and the corporations at the heart of this white supremacist, capitalist power structure. some sunday thoughts.

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